The Life of an Apprentice

You will work for one of our signatory contractors 40 plus hours per week and attend school 6 weeks per year. DAT funds will be available to you each week you are in school. As a first year apprentice you will complete 30 Hour OSHA. You will also have the opportunity to obtain a two year associates degree. Upon completion of the program, you will have a minimum of two State of Iowa licenses – Medical Gas, Backflow, OSHA, Heavy Rigging, Qualified Signalperson, Foreman Training, and CFC Certifications.


At Local #33 we have a state of the art welding shop with capabilities of welding in every process used in the pipe welding industry. We test and certify welders in the SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and FCAW processes. With more than 50 weld certifications available, the possibilities are endless!


While attending plumbing classes you will be educated on the installation, service, and repair of water, gas, sewer, and drainage systems. After completing these classes you will have the knowledge to complete the state of Iowa plumbing exam. In addition, you will complete a 40 hour backflow class.


Service fitters install, repair, and troubleshoot air conditioning and heating equipment for many different applications and industries. While taking classes in these disciplines you will learn basic electricity along with arc flash safety training. At the completion of apprenticeship you will have the knowledge to pass an HVAC and Refrigeration exam.


Pipefitters assemble, install, and maintain piping systems that carry water, steam, and fluids necessary for manufacturing processes. In order to build these complex systems, a pipefitter must obtain extensive knowledge of Hydronics and Steam. In class you will learn complicated mathematics problem solving in addition to Steam and Hydronics theory.